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(Available in the US for VET use only)

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The Medicel DoubleX KTM is not only a cassette system for the Series 20000® Legacy® but a total Fluidics Management System for safe, clean and economical procedures. 

• fully compatible with all Series 20000® Legacy® cataract systems from Alcon
• unique total fluidics system which enables ultra-high vacuum techniques
• absolutely leak-free system
COOLFLOWplus rigid infusion sleeves guarantee total thermal protection to the cornea whilst maintaining chamber stability
• micro-incision phaco tip combined with the COOLFLOWplus rigid infusion sleeve enables incisions of less than 2.8 mm
• complete line of single- and multiple-use phaco-accessories including phaco tips, infusion sleeves and I/A systems are available as per your needs

The DoubleX KTM Complete Management System is the key to cost effective advanced cataract surgery.
Series 20000® and Legacy® are trademarks of Alcon Laboratories, Inc.


DOUBLEX KTM – Complete but flexible! 

According to customers’ needs, the DoubleX KTM Complete Management System can be designed as an inexpensive low cost version or as complete set including the Fluidics System and the COOLFLOW infusion sleeves, a full range of phaco tips including a micro-incision phaco tip with By-PassPort (BPP) and single use bi-manual or mono-manual I/A systems of your choice. Personalised kits are available on request.


(Available in the US for VET use only)